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We offer a solution for brands to use their excess inventory to make an impact through sustainability & philanthropy.


Jeannie Barsam is no stranger to dedicating her life to giving back. Over the course of her 30-year journey in Fashion & Retail, Jeannie travelled the world, worked for some of the best and most-loved brands, and mentored countless women (and men) along the way.

While working as an executive at Zale’s, part of Signet Jewelers and the world’s largest retailer of diamonds, Jeannie was tasked with finding a nonprofit recipient for their excess
inventory. Remarkably, after researching countless nonprofits, Jeannie was perplexed by being unable to find an organization who could accept their excess inventory, so she met the challenge head on.

AND JUST LIKE THAT, THE IDEA FOR GIFTING BRANDS WAS BORN, ultimately setting Jeannie on a new path of 100% dedication to women, children and giving back. Jeannie’s new vision for Inventory Philanthropy® created a process that enables brands to donate excess inventory and make adirect global and environmental impact for good. Gifting Brands launched an eCommerce marketplace www.giftingbrands.com where brands donate excess inventory, consumers shop at discounted prices and proceeds go directly to causes that empower and support women and children. Customers are thrilled that they can make an impact by shopping brands they love!

As founder and CEO of Gifting Brands, Jeannie Barsam’s vision for giving is only the beginning.

In just over two years, Gifting Brands has positively impacted many women, children, and families locally and globally.



Gifting Brands improves the lives of women, children, and families through a unique consumer shopping experience combining the power of retail brands, sustainable inventory solutions, and philanthropy.


Amazing brands from the beginning have joined us in making an impact. Without their support, we would not be able to complete our mission.  


We use fashion as a force for good — and team up with nonprofits to make our world better.

This past year we have supported several missions which have included building a well through charity:water to making water accessible to children.

You can make a difference by joining the movement with Gifting Brands to uplift women and children in need and make the world a better place for everyone.


Inventory Philanthropy

Working Together to Make a Difference

Gifting Brands was started by a group of retail leaders who found a creative way to solve the problem of excess inventory while also adding value to retailers, consumers, and nonprofits.


Through our inventory philanthropy model, we give retailers a sustainable, charitable method of managing their inventory, reducing environmental impacts, and connecting them with consumers who care.


Gifting Brands creates a fun-fulfilling place for you to shop for designer brands at great prices and your purchase goes to charity.


Purchase proceeds go directly to causes that directly impact, empower and support the lives of women and children.


"Fashion Is Industry Success via Collaboration & Giving Back"



Let's Make Change Together

Send us an email if you want to partner and make an impact together.

If you are a brand, we accept donations on new inventory.


Connect with us at admin@giftingbrands.com