Our 7 Favorite Fall Jewelry Trends for 2023

As the leaves begin to change and the crisp air of fall sets in, the excitement of cozy fall outfits starts to rise. While you buy warm sweaters and denim jeans, think about adding these fall jewelry pieces to your cart. Fall 2023 is all about big and bold fashion choices. The list below gives you big ideas to stay on trend all autumn long.


1. Link Up With the Fall Trend of Chunky Chains

Bid adieu to delicate and subtle jewelry as the season ushers in a dramatic shift toward eye-catching statement pieces. This fall, make a big statement with chunky chains paired with fall colors to dive headfirst into the 2023 trends. 

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2. Fall for the Ear-Resistible Statement Studs 

As we fall away from pastel colors and adopt a fall color palette, we leave behind pastel pink earrings and replace them with statement studs. Think metal leaf studs and other “heavy” looking pieces.

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3. Embrace the ‘Metal’-Morphosis of Fall With These Bold Earrings

This fall, we are seeing a trend of all things metal, from chains to brooches and earrings to anklets. You will see a ton of metal earrings this fall as everyone catches on to these trends. Among these, a notable trend emerges in the form of uniquely shaped metal earrings that add a distinct edge to your seasonal style. 


4. Falling for Lots of Pearls and Autumn Twirls

Pearls and precious metals are a pair as old as time, which is why you will see the rise of pearls this fall. So dig out your grandma's pearls or head over to Gifting Brands to find the perfect pearl accessory for you to wear this fall.

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5. Autumn Leaves Might Fall, but Crystals and Gems Will ‘Rock’ on Forever

The Crystal and Gem trend may never get old, since crystals have powerful qualities to them that can enhance your energy. Pair these gems with rare metals and rock out with your favorite Fall outfits. 

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6. Stack up the Glam With Layered Necklaces

We are being bold and breaking rules this fall with mixed-metal layered necklaces. That’s right, we can now mix gold and silver while layering our necklaces or chunky chains. Outfit planning is going to be a blast this fall. 


Shop Perry Street Abby Layered Gold Necklace

 7. Leaves Falling, Temperatures Dropping, and Hoop Earrings Swinging

Big, small, and odd-shaped hoop earrings are all in style. Fall 2023 has no judgment toward hoops. Embrace the mixed metal and odd-shaped earrings to mix and match with your fall color palette and don’t be afraid to go big.


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Fall 2023 is ready to see all your bold fashion choices. If you are looking in the mirror and questioning if you should wear the outfit out, the answer is a resounding YES! There are no wrong answers as long as you accessorize!
Shop Gifting Brands collections to round out your fall wardrobe, and 100% of the profits will be donated to our favorite charities that impact women and children. 

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