Boys & Girls Clubs & Forever 21: Making a Difference in Lives Together

In this engaging interview, I had the opportunity to delve into the dynamic worlds of fashion and philanthropy with our inspiring guests, Lisa Anastasi and Winnie Park. Lisa, Chief Development Officer for Boys and Girls Clubs of America, reveals her passionate journey and mission to empower youth. Winnie, the visionary CEO of Forever 21, shares her unique path from advocating for change to leading a fashion powerhouse. We explore their dedication to supporting the next generation, discuss the transformative impact of their organizations, and gain insights into the convergence of purpose and leadership. Join us on this enlightening exploration of how these remarkable individuals are making a positive difference.

Key Points:

*Lisa Anastasi's journey and passion for empowering youth

*Winnie Park's path from advocating for change to leading Forever 21

*The convergence of purpose and leadership in fashion and philanthropy

Thank you, Jeannie Barsam - Founder & CEO Gifting Brands

Watch interview here:



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