DiZurita "Power of Voice" Original Artwork

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Title: Power of Voice
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2019
Size: 48 X 60 inches
Artist: Giovanna DiZurita

All originals include Certificate of Authenticity.
Shipping will be charged separately based on your address as it varies based on location.
The original painting is still available for purchase.
Currently showing in the USA.

The story behind the artwork:

We are born and raised to become hamsters in a wheel. We are raised to chase a concept that defines success and happiness. We are then told which compartment we belong to in order to achieve the so called success and happiness. STOP! FIND your own path. Success and happiness are not to be dictated by others. You don’t belong in a box and you don’t need to chase anyone else’s standards. Grab the microphone of your life and express who you really are. Find yourself, find your passion, and find your own dreams. Above all understand that happiness is in the enjoyment of the journey to step out of your comfort zone.

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